Read This Tip To Eliminate low self esteem

There’s a term for plus size foot girls in Lagos and it’s called ‘no size in London’.

I have been called that so many times that when I go shopping and people try to sell my shoes, I just tell them not to bother because they can never have my size.

I started using a size Us12/Uk10/43 in J.S.S 3 and shoe shopping was never fun especially at Lagos market. I heard a lot of ‘ah, ki lo de, shey okunrin ni e ni’ and so on. The guys especially told me to get a carpenter to make my shoes. They were so mean! Sometimes I had to settle for boyish shoes just to have something to wear.

It was the worst for me. It took a lot for me to not to cry, sometimes I just laughed it off but it hurt a lot.

I turned my attention to sneakers mainly because they were the only shoes I could find my size in and because they covered my feet, you couldn’t tell I was a plus size girls in sneakers but you could tell in sandals.

Today, I had to wear a couple of shoes for a mini shoot at work, I was panicking because I knew how my feet will look like, big and ugly. We had previously done a mini shoot and my feet looked so big-jeez! I had my colleague delete so many, she got frustrated at a point and told me that my mind had been wired to think my feet was ugly. That sort of calmed me down and I allowed her to take a couple of more shots of my feet, it took a lot for me not to delete them but I didn’t and I am glad I kept them.

You know what I was fearful of wasn’t the fact that I have a plus size feet, I was more fearful “what people will say when they see pictures of my feet” as it has always been.

What will people think of my feet?

What will people think of my weight?

What will people think of my …..(Slot yours in)

The devil’s primary aim is to shift your focus. The bible says he comes to steal, to kill and to destroy the only way he can do any of these is if he can shift your attention from Jesus to your problems.

The moment Peters attention shifted from Jesus to his what was going on around him, he began to drown and that’s what happens really when you focus on your problems you begin to drown in them. When you focus on your looks and what people may or may not say about them you begin to get immersed in the external-the things that will pass away.

Don’t get me wrong, I am for looking your best-apply makeup if you have to, lose weight before you get obese but don’t be so consumed by them because “fixing things won’t make you happy”. Jesus is the only one that can make you happy.

So takes your eyes away from the external and focus on Jesus. When your eyes are fixed on Jesus the external doesn’t matter as much, you may have insecurities or uncertainties in some areas but at the end of the day, you know that what the Word of God says about you holds true.

I may have gigantic feet but I am fearfully and wonderfully made Glory to God!


I finally settled on these ones. They were taken from afar so they aren’t unpleasant to the eyes.

P.s How amazing is it that I work for a plus size Shoe store 😩

Jesus has a sense of humour


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