Humility and Commitment, the antidote to low self esteem

According to Killsyouneed, Self-esteem is about how we value ourselves, our perceptions and beliefs in who we are and what we are capable of. Our self-esteem can be misaligned with other people’s perception of who we are. Self-esteem has little to do with actual talent or ability as it is quite for someone who is good at something to have poor self-esteem, while someone who struggles at a particular topic might have good self-esteem.

Healthy self-esteem is an essential component for learning. Regardless of age, the self-esteem of a learner facilitates or inhibits learning. (Solomon 1992)

In the article Steps to Improve Self Esteem, one of the causes of low self esteem was identified as poor academic performance.

My name is Angel, and my affair with low self-esteem started since my primary school days. I traced the source to the fact that I wasn’t as brilliant as my peers.

I failed more times than I can count.

Two very distinct things happened that marked me forever.

The first was a time where someone was asking a random question and I gave an answer but she just ignored me and asked someone else the question. We’re were not beefing before so that got me thinking.

“Why didn’t my answer mean much to her?”

“Why was the other girl’s view better than mine?”

I knew that something is definitely wrong.

The second thing was with my report card. One term my report card was a disaster. It was very colorful, so full of red!

What worsened it all was that I attended a public school where the teachers didn’t bother to make you understand what’s been taught. They just assume you know it.

A good friend, Adeyemi Adedoyin Nifemi took out time to put me through the subjects.

I started knowing the subjects and my confidence started growing. I realize that knowledge gives you an edge,

-It will grow your confidence

-It will erase your doubts and fears.

-It add colors to your imagination

– You will begin to believe more in yourself

She helped open my mind to understanding how life works. It was not only in my academics this time but in my spiritual life, health-wise, financially, it cuts across all spheres of life

Yes, being a Christian changed it all. When you read the scriptures and understand the purpose and plans of God for His children, you start to see yourself differently.


I read with understanding,

I talk with understanding

I relate with understanding

I dream with understanding.

It is not just to pass time but to be conscious that life is about discovering and understanding yourself to fulfil a purpose.

And also helping others do the same.

I recommend that you do two things to overcome low self-esteem and insecurity

  1. Humility – admit you don’t know it and that you need help
  2. Commitment – get connected and committed to people or groups that are designed to help you grow

I have not seen my friend since then, but she will always be a part of my success story.

Please feel free to submit articles on how you overcame your low self esteem and if you haven’t overcome it, I am here to help.

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