To Sex Or Not To Sex- 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t

When I was in the world I acted like those of the world….now I am not of the world, it would go against the very fibre of my being to act like those in the world do.

My generation and maybe even the one before and after me happen to believe everything revolves around sex. They want to ‘test’ before they marry-test what. Is it an exam?

Sadly, many girls have gone through the test or should I say tests, as many have written for and have been written by them for Kunle, Samuel, Ayo, Chinedu, Thomas and so on. The same goes for my men as well, if Sade doesn’t perform as Chichi did, Sade isn’t good enough. So he moves to Fatima. Fatima may be good enough but might not just be as wild as the new girl he saw a couple of days ago. The circle continues and in the midst of this we have std’s, sti’s, lowered self esteem, self worth and what not’s.

All I can say is most persons lack self control. Lack of self control is probably the most destructive thing in this world….the fact that you cannot control an urge is just indiscipline…. You know people try to make it better by saying that guys can’t think when they are aroused….that is why they beg, that is why they shake, that is why they toss in the middle of the night when you decide as a girl to be naive (stupid) enough to spend the night in his house. So you feel guilty and give in because you might loose him and you don’t want to loose him because the next guy might not treat you as good…he might not buy you nice things….you don’t even know if you will find a next guy… you forget all you have been told….”wait till marriage, its a sin, you will go to hell, no man wants a used woman, your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit” You forget all these things because Frank seems like the one….he seems like it.

See ehn, I love you girl child and how I love your body. I love your curves and all there is to you. I love you when you are innocent, I love you when you are not, I love you when you make mistakes, I love you when you stand up and dust off the shame. I love how strong you are and how when you have had enough you NEVER go back.

I want you to make a decision today. Make a decision NOT TO SEX.

I tell you not to sex and not because of eternal damnation but because you love your body and because you know that even if sex was an exam it takes a while to prepare for it.

Say no because this body is too precious to be run over by many guys before the One comes along

Say no because you have had enough and you refuse to give into the notion that no other guy will be good enough

Say no because with sex you never know who he truly is. All the times he probably calls is because he wants you not because he needs you.

Say no because when you are old and strong you need a man to hold you, to talk to you, to listen to you and not a man that trembles when he gets a see a piece of skin.

P.s there are now more boys than girls. Don’t fear, God has more than enough for you. Let that guy go….there are plenty of fish in the sea.

My God will supply ALL your needs and there will be many left overs


Please feel free to submit articles on how you overcame your low self-esteem and if you haven’t overcome it, I am here to help.

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