#MySelfEsteemandI Cornelius and Heather Lindsey’s Take on how to overcome low self esteem

I was amazed to discover that both Cornelius and Heather Lindsey have had their own fair share of struggles with self-love, it amazes me because it gave me a new reason to hope and to believe that anyone can get over low self-esteem with Jesus at the centre.


Cornelius Lindsey wrote on Instagram “I know what it feels like to be embarrassed in your own skin. Whether right or wrong, I felt that way for years. I was a chubby kid with much insecurity. In fact, I started my weight loss journey to impress a girl I liked while after my 9th-grade year of high school. My insecurities were deep, and I had a lot of self-hate. I didn’t like taking pictures because I hated looking at myself. I wore oversized clothes to cover up my exterior without realising that my real issues were within. I wanted to look like physically fit men I saw on television. Something as simple as taking off my shirt was a very difficult thing to do because I was so insecure about that way I looked. I write about my insecurities in my book–SUFFERING IN SILENCE. There are a lot of differences between these two pictures, but one that’s more prominent is my relationship with the Lord. I thought my weight loss journey was about losing weight. Nope, it’s been greater that. What’s been so great isn’t what I lost, but what I found. Well, let’s just say that I was found. Jesus captured my heart and a transformation took place. The person I once was could no longer live because He became lord of my life. He found me in a pit of sin, and through Him I was able to lose so much. I lost those insecurities that weighed me down. I lost that pressure to want to fit in with the crowd. I lost that desire to be someone I was not. I lost the need to want to be accepted by the world. Through Christ, I lost so much. What’s great is that He replaced all I lost with qualities that are so much more valuable. My fitness journey is now about discipline my body so I can serve Him. It’s about being fit mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and the sort. It’s about mirroring my physical discipline with my spiritual discipline. It’s about training and teaching my body to stay in subjection so it doesn’t rule over me. My appetite makes a terrible God. I know because I served it for years. He put an end to it! Glory to Jesus forever!”


Heather Lindsey also wrote about her struggles on Instagram “I struggled on and off with depression for years and it’s the worst feeling to feel hopeless and not motivated to do things because you feel like “it doesn’t matter.” Guess what, because of our hope in the Lord, you do matter, today matters and you don’t have to fight alone! Meditate on scriptures and ask the Holy Spirit to free you from depression. Decide to think of good things & stir yourself up in the Lord! Don’t give the enemy another day!”

In case you didn’t know, low self-esteem causes the concept of loving yourself to seem foreign. You literally have no iota of love for yourself, because you see yourself as unworthy-unworthy of love or any of the good things of life. Permit me to say but people with low self-esteem ‘can’ be good at giving but not receiving love. I used can because the love these people give isn’t a healthy kind of love, it is a love borne out of hatred for themselves.

A relationship with someone with low self-esteem will hardly be a healthy one; these people will always look for affirmation in the ones they are in a relationship with, which is very dangerous. This is why I always encourage people to work on themselves and be comfortable in their own skin before they bring another party into the scene.

A healthy self-esteem improves by changing both your thoughts and behaviours. Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind… you have to practice new healthy thoughts by filling your mind with the Word of God. Only what God says about you should be final and important in your life. You must also practice new behaviours, the things you did before that fails to glorify God should be brought to a halt. You should continue to practice these things to maintain a healthy love for yourself and to remind yourself of just how powerful God’s love is for you.

Please feel free to submit articles on how you overcame your low self-esteem and if you haven’t overcome it, I am here to help.

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