#MySelfEsteemAndI Weight Loss isn’t always Good #ChooseLifeWarrior


I love Danielle Galvin. She is twenty-three years of age and she has suffered through eating disorders, excessive exercise addictions, depression and anxiety. She owns Chooselifewarrior.com and she blogs to spread awareness about the stigmatized world of mental illness. She started Chooselifewarrior.com in an attempt to claw her way back from a slight relapse during her time in self-hate land, during this period, she would often use social media and the internet to harm herself, set “goals” and connect with unhealthy ideologies.

I love Danielle because she is fat and proud, it wasn’t easy for her to get to where she is, but she made the process worth it.

She says “I’m fat. I don’t owe it you to have a reason, medical or otherwise. I don’t need to promote a big message about how I’m trying to lose weight so that you feel better. I don’t feel the need to share what I ate for lunch or how far I can run. I don’t need to feel bad about my weight, I don’t owe an explanation. My body is mine, I’m fat.

When I was eighteen years old, I desperately wanted to be beautiful, be everything I “never was”. I was tortured with the idea that I was disgusting, fat and on the regular I threw up, I exercised till I passed out and I punished my body for not being perfect. Now, I am more secure, confident, happy and wanting to live even though I’m bigger. The idea of losing weight is more profitable, positive and promoted in people’s eyes than the means. There is a fine line between dieting and eating disorders and the most common risk factor for triggering an eating disorder or relapsing into a past one is dieting. I don’t care if you’ve lost weight. I care about your mental health and my transformation is as simple and beautiful as this. On the left us an eighteen years old girl who thought about taking her own life frequently! She thought the world would be better off without her; she had battled for years with an eating disorder. Weight loss may not always be an unhealthy practice, but praising all weight loss despite knowing the reasons behind or even perhaps the eating disorders lurking that to me makes me sad. Weight loss isn’t always good.

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Eating disorders are hell, lonely, sad, isolating, and cold. It is pain and suffering, and they leave your loved ones feeling scared, upset, and confused. Eating disorders are not a choice, neither is it a healthy a lifestyle. They are years wasted and many lives ruined.

Weight loss is a side effect for some people with some eating disorders. I was never thin or skinny. I was purging, obsessively exercising and I almost died but I was never thin. Eating Disorders are serious regardless of size. You deserve self-love, you deserve recovery, and you deserve happiness.”

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Please feel free to submit articles on how you overcame your low self esteem and if you haven’t overcome it, I am here to help.

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