#MySelfEsteemAndI You are a Diamond


There are so many things dealing with low self-esteem ensures you do not enjoy and one of them is that you will never know the joy of celebrating the person you are, flaws and all. You often ask yourself what exactly it is you are celebrating and you fail to see the diamond buried beneath all the dirt.

You are a diamond, a very expensive one, bought by the blood of Jesus; never allow negative words tell you differently.

You are unique in your way.

There are different types of diamond, and they are not made the same; they are different and beautiful in their own way. A black diamond is as beautiful as a clear one; if not more beautiful. Just because you aren’t made to look like a ‘seemingly beautiful person’ doesn’t mean you cannot shine as much maybe even brighter than they do.

I have been extremely aware of my body lately and although I have no idea why I have come to love it. I love every single part of me, every single stretch mark, and every curve. I strongly believe that every part of me is a beautiful specimen and I cannot help but give God all the glory for delivering me from the torture I was in. It took a while for me to get to where I am, but I am certain you will get over it easier.

It’s okay to that you are the most beautiful woman in the world.

It’s okay to look at your hips when you pass by a mirror and bless God because you know He did you good.

It’s okay to whip your hair when you pass by a couple of guys cause you know you are everything every guy needs and more.

It’s okay to think your stretch marks are amazing

It’s okay to think your tummy is the sexiest even as it wiggles and giggles.

It’s okay to love yourself insanely and marvel at how wonderful you are.


A lot of women have been speaking up about ‘loving your body’ on Instagram and my heart soars with joy every time I see a post about loving your body because it shows that this battle isn’t picky, it doesn’t focus on a specific person or a specific race, everyone struggles with body issues but your refusal to give in is what guarantees your victory.

One post that touched me amongst all the many (I will post all my favourite ones) is from Hadiiya Barbel. She’s a wonderful woman. She recently challenged her followers to something and I think you should challenge yourself as well

The challenge is to embrace ALL of YOU.

From the cellulite on your hips, to the jiggle on your thighs.

From the cushion on your waistline, to the tears in your eyes.

Remove from that place of no love.

Transformation begins first in your attitude.

So adorn yourself in any way you choose….lose any weight that you want to lose….whatever makes you feel good then do….but always remember to proudly celebrate YOU…………at every level, any hairstyle, any body shape, and financial state

And yes it’s ok to think your hot As F**k!!!!!”

Please feel free to submit articles on how you overcame your low self-esteem and if you haven’t overcome it, I am here to help.

Email me thelagosbeautyblogger@gmail.com

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3 thoughts on “#MySelfEsteemAndI You are a Diamond

  1. Each one of us is a unique and wonderful creation of God.

    I am ME.
    You are YOU.



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