#MySelfEsteemandI How to Deal with Someone with Low Self-Esteem

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I have written down the best ways to help persons dealing with low self-esteem because I realise that not many of us understand how to communicate with these peculiar set of people. Firstly, low self-esteem is not a disease, you can’t get it by communicating with people who do, if anything, communicating with people with low self-esteem can help give you a different view of life. Maybe even help you to appreciate the kind of life you have.

It will be unfair to teach you how to communicate with these people without telling you some of the challenges you will face. People have trouble communicating with people with low self-esteem because they do not understand what these people are going through. Some of the issues these people face include: self-hate, obsession with being perfect, over sensitivity, belief that they have nothing to offer, they are people pleasers, and they can be very temperamental.

Working with low self-esteem can be hard, but a little knowledge of what might be going on in their minds can help you relate to them better. The list is in no way exhaustive, but below are some of the best ways to communicate and deal with people with low self-esteem.

Train them – You have to train people with low self-esteem to appreciate themselves. Low self-esteem doesn’t happen in a flash— it is accumulated over the years— and just as the person accumulated it, you have to train them to appreciate and love themselves.

Be positive – Persons with low self-esteem always have something negative to say about themselves. It is important that you encourage them with your words and your actions. Make sure you applaud their success, attempts, and even failed attempts.

Don’t compliment; State facts – persons with low self-esteem aren’t the best people to compliment. They might be nodding and smiling but there’s disbelief on the inside of them, so it is best to compliment them without coming off as being enabling. Tell them about their strengths, accomplishments and assets.

Give feedback – People always need to know that their services are valued and that they are making a contribution towards achieving a goal. People react differently to feedback depending on how it is given. When giving feedback to persons with low self-esteem, try as much as possible to not sound disappointed.

Involve them – As much as possible, try to involve them in any activity or event that is ongoing.

Laugh with them – I always cried when people laughed at me. I still do. I don’t think it is fun, it has never been and it will never be to me or anyone with low self-esteem. Laugh with us and not at us. Teach us to understand that it is ok to make mistakes.

Listen to them – Allow persons with low self-esteem express themselves. Do not be distracted when they are relating with you— I think this goes for everybody. This shows that they matter to you and that their concerns are important enough to be heard, paid attention to, and understood.

Celebrate them –Celebrating people with low self-esteem always pays off especially when it is done publicly. They might be shy and most probably will not want to be in the spotlight, but celebrating them makes them feel proud and on top of the world

Please feel free to submit articles on how you overcame your low self-esteem and if you haven’t overcome it, I am here to help.

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