#MySelfEsteemandI How To Build Your Self Esteem

People with low self-esteem always second guess themselves, they almost withdraw from everyone and everything they assume will expose their ‘weaknesses’. Becoming aware of the negative critic, learning about its triggers, and taking practical steps to build your self-esteem, can help to overcome your negative thoughts.

Self-esteem develops as a result of physical ill-health or negative life events such as losing your parents, job, or someone you care about.  People who have been victims of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse or of discrimination on the grounds of religion, culture, race, sex, or sexual orientation may also develop low self-esteem.

Low self-esteem might not determine where you get to in life, but it will determine how long you stay there -LagosBeautyBlogger

This post will deal with how I am building my self-esteem. But, if you feel like nothing’s working, I advise you seek professional help.

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Become aware of thoughts and beliefs. It’s important to realize what you think about yourself. When you know the thoughts you have of yourself. Building your self-esteem becomes easier.

Identify troubling conditions or situations. Recognize what triggers the negative thoughts. This helps you manage situations like that better than you did the last time.

Manage your inner critic. You are in control. The inner critic feeds off what you have heard all your life. Feed your inner critic with positive words and the negative words will die off.

Focus on what goes well for you. Everyone has different talents. If we are all good in one thing, the world would probably be stuck in one place. Focus on your skills and build them.

Celebrate yourself. Write a list of all your accomplishments and celebrate yourself for each and every one of them. You can decide to give yourself a treat for each of them.

Have a good hygiene. When you look good, you feel good. Take extra time to look and smell good.

Help people. We get over our problems by helping others. Help as many people as you can even if the help seems insignificant.

Always give compliments. I am learning to give compliments to people. This helps me to stop comparing myself to them.

Eat good food. I eat food. I eat good food. I spoil myself with food.

Work on the anxiety. Don’t be worry about anything especially the things that you cannot change. It’s not easy to calm the nerves down but when you get something that works for you, stick to it.

Be creative. Channel all the negative energy into something creative. I love to write, you may be good at something else. Whenever the feeling of ‘not being good enough’ overwhelms you, channel it into a creative masterpiece.

Don’t aim for perfection. Nobody is perfect. Nobody wants to hang out with a perfect person either.

Exercise. I powerwalk for forty minutes as many times as I can because it helps me think. Exercise is good for building a healthy self-esteem.

Handle mistakes and presumed failures properly. Don’t sulk or withdraw when you think you have failed. Ask for help. People love to help.

I hope this helps. Don’t forget to email me if you have more questions.


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