#LagosBeautyBlogger Your Girlfriends Guide To Clean Underwear

As embarrassing as this post may be to some girls, most of you do not have clean underwear because you do not know how to wash them. I am guilty of soaking my underwear’s for days. It’s a terrible habit.  Apart from the fact that this can cause mildew, it makes the underwear stretch out. Most people are quick to neglect the underwear washing instructions printed on the care labels. Devoting a few extra minutes comes with a lot of benefits, including:

  • Keeping colors bright
  • Preventing elastic from stretching out and drooping
  • Preserving the integrity of the fabric
  • Prolonging the life of your underwear which ultimately saves money

This is a general guide when washing underwear’s:

Bras: After three to four wears.

Underwear: After every wear.

Socks and stockings: After every wear.

Sportswear and swimwear: After every wear.

I have created an easy to follow guide to proper underwear washing. If you follow these instructions, you’ll always have a drawer full of clean undies that last longer and look better. Follow these simple underwear washing instructions to take the best care of your underwear.

Get a laundry bag that’s specifically for delicates, which will protect your undergarments from getting roughed up by other clothes.

Read the labels. This will indicate how your underwear should be washed. Some delicate underwear should only be washed by hand, and this will be indicated on the garment care tags.

Always use cool water and use a gentle detergent. Don’t use too much detergent. Too much can leave residue on top of the garment.

Separate undergarments by color. Wash similar colours together.

Treat each item gently. Don’t twist too much if you want the elastic to last. Instead, put them in water, swirl them around a bit between both of your hands, and leave them there to soak for a few minutes.

Pre-treat any stains immediately. Apply a commercial stain remover or liquid laundry detergent and rub this into the stained fabric. Don’t wait until laundry day to treat a stain, as it may be too late to remove heavy stains.

When it’s time to load the washing machine, turn your underwear inside out. Delicate garments like lingerie and some bras should be zipped into a mesh bag for protection.

Underwear’s come in different fabric. Listed below are specific ways to wash them.

Cotton Underwear should be separated into dark colours and light colours, and washed separately.

Microfibre and Other Synthetic Fabrics made of nylon, polyamide, and spandex are stretchy and quick-drying should be hand washed in cold to warm water.

Bras should be handwashed. But, read the label to see if your bra can be machine-washed. Many bras should only be washed on the delicate cycle. Hook your bras closed before washing.  Although in general you’ll want to be very gentle when hand washing, you can use a bit more strength with your bras. Focus on the bust-line and the straps.

Delicates: Lingerie, Sheer, or Mesh Undergarments should be hand washed especially anything silk or particularly lacy or frilly. But, if the garment label says its ok, machine wash only on the most delicate cycle.

Tights are especially in danger of stretching and losing their shape when they’re not treated well. Focus on the crotch.

Shapewear should be hand washed to preserve the fabrics and fibers that help you look so good in a clingy outfit.

All underwears should be hung to dry.

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