#MySelfEsteemandI A Giant in My Head

Everyone with low self-esteem has a giant in his head. Psychologists call the giant the inner critique. To them, this giant is your sub personality it mostly judges and demeans you. I call it a giant because the inner critique is like Goliath of the bible. He makes you feel bad, wrong, inadequate, worthless, guilty, and so on. When the giant starts to talk, people with low self-esteem experience attacks. This can produce feelings of: shame, insufficiency, depression, self-doubt and undermine self-confidence.

Self-esteem is formed by how we talk to ourselves. The way you talk to yourself is largely determined by what you heard people say about you when you were a child. If all you heard about while growing up were positive things, there’s a guarantee that you will have a healthy self-esteem but, if all you heard about when you were a child were negative things especially about your looks and your intellect, you most probably will develop a low self-esteem.

David faced a giant. And he killed it using a stone.

I killed the voice in my head with the Word of God.

If you’re strong enough on the inside—if you’re strong enough spiritually—I don’t care how many ‘giants’ come against you, you are not going to run from them. You are going to be able to do all that God wants you to do!” –Joyce Meyer

You see, to disarm a giant, you have to know three things. These are;

(1) Revealing his purpose,

(2) Talking back,

(3) Making him useless or killing him.

The purpose of the giant in your head is to make you feel less than you truly are. He stops you from experiencing the life you were made to live. The giant makes you afraid to move forward and tremble at the thought of trying new things.

God has sound wisdom that has been stored in His Word—waiting patiently until you need it. – Jesse Duplantis

You cannot talk back at the giant without some form of courage; this courage is gotten by transforming the way you think. I hardly listen to secular music because they talk about money, skinny girls and so many things which I may not amount you in future. So, why should I listen and torture myself?

Pay attention to what you’re dwelling on all day. Listen to what you’re saying. How much time and energy are you giving to the negative things of your past? You only have so much emotional energy each day. Get out of the “was” and step in to the “is.” –Joel Osteen

You make a giant useless by disabling him. I have read, mediated and listened to so many sermons in the last year and a half that when an attack comes, my mind naturally plays the Word of God over and over again in my head until the giant is defeated.

There are other ways to disarm the giant. These are:

  1. Know the giants antics. You can’t change anything you don’t know is there. If you’re not paying attention to it, you’re actually reinforcing it. Once you hear your inner critic and know your vulnerable times you can then learn how to “turn off” and disarm it.
  2. Show him who is the boss. Use the stop word. “Stop it. I am beautiful. I am intelligent. Get out of my head….”
  3. Shake it off. If your giant comes when you are idle. Find something to do.
  4. Battling low self-esteem isn’t something you can do on your own. But, with Jesus. Victory is sure.



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