How To Apply Eyeshadow Like A Pro

There are a lot of ways on how to apply eye shadow from swiping with your fingers, to pro type eye makeup. The pro type eye makeup look does not take hours to create as many think, once you have perfected your own skills through practice, it can easily be achieved.

Learning how to apply eye shadow to achieve a simple, everyday eye shadow look is necessary because it just ties in the whole look.

I am confident that by the time you have read and watched the videos, you’ll have the tools and tips you need for how to apply eye shadow like a pro.

Tools you need

Eyeshadow – matte or shimmery or metallic

Eyeshadow Primer – allows the color to stay looking fresh on your eyelid, it shows its true pigment, and it also allows for a smooth application.

Flat or Dome Shaped Eyeliner Brush – lining the eyes and for blending creams and gels when used as liner.

Pencil Brush – for applying color under the eye, or smoking the color out for a soft effect. This brush also works great for applying shadow to the outer part of the eye to darken and intensify the color

Eye Shader Brush – allows you to apply color to the entire lid in simple strokes.

Colours you need

The standard number of eye shadows needed to achieve any look is 4 (yes! 4)

  • Light Shimmery Color – This color is used under the brow bone as a highlight shade, and in the inner tear duct for a pop of brightness.
  • Light Matte Finish Color – This color is used under the brow bone to soften any harsh lines.
  • Medium Color – This color is used in the crease to blend out harsh lines. You can also use this all over the lid if you want just a wash of color.
  • Dark Color – This color is used on the lower lashline or outer part of the eye. This can also be used under the lashline to create a smokey effect.


If you have fine lines and/or wrinkles in the eye lid area, stay away from shimmery colors and choose eye shadow sets with moist textures and good coloration.

Tap off any excess eyeshadow from your brush before applying. This prevents over-application and minimize flaking eyeshadow.

Choose a contrasting color in a soft tone and apply this to the lids to make the eyes pop




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