#MySelfEsteemandI Mimi’s Struggle

Mimi and I met on twitter a couple of days ago. She had just read about my battle with self-esteem. She told me of hers. Her story is remarkable, it has taught me that resilience over shadows self-esteem. Mimi was in an abusive relationship for eleven years and her son has been battling cancer for eight years.

A person with low self-esteem is not one to ask for help, we believe that no one will care enough to lend a helping hand, but Mimi has put herself out there and I do hope this medium will take her a few steps to saving her son.

Read Mimi’s Story here.

Well since I was baby I don’t think I was supposed to live. Someone always intervened. So it makes me think if it was against Gods plan me even being here. I endured procedures  every other year because I had polio and scoliosis. I was very skinny I had a very great figure. Girls hated me.

I dated someone that I would never have because I was tired of the drama. I dated someone that didn’t talk, didn’t seem to be that social, or have a lot of friends. I thought it was because he was passive and what I needed instead of the jocks. I was always into some trouble. Big mistake. He was a damn psycho and became my kids father. I only found out after I pregnant. And my parents wouldn’t allow me to abort. I died the day my parents made me leave and get my own place. Every slap and put down killed that sexy free spirited girl. He beat me daily. He use to starve me and that’s just the G version of it. It gets worse. I thought I was free but I am not.

September 18, 2009 is a day that will forever be etched in my mind. It was the day my family pediatrician called saying that I needed to take my son Isaiah to Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando for immediate brain surgery. I didn’t know what to do. Those first 48 hours were confusing as we met at least 60 different specialists. He was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness in his brain. Six years and over twenty plus surgeries later, Isaiah has had to endure two major strokes, countless mini strokes, meningitis, sepsis and many sub diagnosis and there is no cure.

Although Isaiah is in school, his week is often filled with doctor’s visits, blood tests, and occasionally MRI scans. And now as I sit here and write this, we are preparing for yet another surgery. The weight this has placed on my family is unbearable as I wonder what the outcome will be for Isaiah. The knot in my stomach grows as I know that each surgery brings with it new challenges that we need to face. I keep wondering if our family will ever have a normal life? A life free from hospitals and countless medications?

So far this has eluded us for six years. Coupled with this, the financial burden for myself and two sons has been devastating. His diagnosis and frequent surgeries prevent me from working and I am a single parent. The bills are mounting and we are drowning.

I know that these times are challenging for us all but I am asking for a contribution to Isaiah’s account to ease our financial burden. You will forever be in our hearts. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Mimi, you are the most beautiful being I have ever come across. Your resilience and your strength has proved to me that we can all rise about everything life throws at us.

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Her email address is marielle0303@aol.com


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