The Best Lipstick Tutorial

Ellarie has the best lipstick tutorial of all time-argue with her luscious lips!

About MissEllarie

I started this blog to offer tips and advice on all things beauty and fashion…

When it comes to beauty, I have had an obsession with makeup as early as junior high school. Throughout the years, I have trained myself and researched numerous techniques and products in order to share with other consumers like myself, and to apply on clients. I am still learning new things everyday, however, I am here to share all of the knowledge I have gained.

Though I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a fashionista, I still LOVE fashion! I do 99% of my shopping online, and I also like revamping old items that I have. You would be surprised how many different ways you can wear one item of clothing and make it look new every time. I am constantly trying to find ways to look fashionable without spending much money, so the fashion page of my blog will give you great tips and styling ideas.

Image Source Instagram


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