The Secret to Good Self Esteem

I am sure most of you know that this beauty blog focuses more on building self esteem. I am on a journey to improving my self esteem and I strongly believe that this blog will help to heal and improve many people’s self worth.

I will like to teach us what to do to help raise a spouse/partner/friend or sisters self esteem using Coach Kim secret recipe for improving self-worth and or self esteem in anyone.

Some persons wonder why I don’t like compliments, most times I just believe or I feel so inadequate at that moment that compliments make me feel worse. This article by Kim Giles helped me feel relieved, like she really understood me. Her solution to this problem is to change the way we perceive ourselves.

She advocated that we change our perspective about our-selves and our value as persons.

Kim Giles method is to start by helping you understand your current perspective on your value, where it comes from and what it’s based on. Your current fears about your value come from one core belief that affects how you see yourself and other people every minute of your life. It is a belief you have accepted as fact (even though it is only an idea or perspective). This core belief is that human value is changeable.

Your value stays the same no matter what mistakes you make. You can always just erase and try again. These mistakes are lessons to teach you things, but they don’t affect your value.

Right now, because we think our value can change and must be earned, we base our value on our appearance, performance, property and the opinions of others. The world has taught us to see people who do well in these areas as better than those who don’t.

You could instead decide to see human value as based on our nature and our uniqueness as one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable souls. If our value is based on our uniqueness, then we all have the same value, because we are all unique.

As a man thinks in his heart, so he is. Help people like me to understand that the same God who made flowers to be as beautiful as they are, is the same One who made them. Help them understand that their value is found in Jesus. Not in their appearance. God wants you to always look at the mirror and be overwhelmed with He love He has for you. He has a part of you in Him and vice versa.

You make God smile. Do you know that?

You make God happy when you dance for Him!

You make His heart race with joy when you praise Him with all your heart

And most importantly you make God happy when you love yourself as much as He loves you

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