Women Reveal Their Turn Offs

My friends and I have taken the pain to reveal what turns women off. Guys always put the pressure on us to look good. We expect you to look good also.

I love getting together with my girls. Along with occasional gossip, we discuss what went wrong in our past relationships and what we look forward to in a new one. With emphasis on what the new guy must look like. Most men now take more care of themselves. Bravo!
Some of you still haven’t gotten the memo.


A unibrow is to a lady as chest hair is to a guy. Its an eyesore. Plucking once every six to eight weeks should do it.

Bad Breath
This is one thing that will cause a woman to turn away from the man of her dreams. You know you have it when all the girls seem to take a step back when address you. Always brush in the mornings and night, use a mouth wash if you need extra protection.

Nose and Ear Hair
Ewwwwwwww. It is just inconsiderate that some of you guys will allow the hair in your ear and nose stick out! Use an electric trimmer to cut them. You can use the trimmer on ear hairs, too.

Manicure and Pedicure
There is someone my friend and I know. We don’t allow him take off his shoes around us. Dirty or ragged fingernails are a turnoff too. Consider a manicure and pedicure.

Body Odour
Please shower. We know when you don’t shower.

Smell Nice
Please wear cologne. We like nice smelling men. Buy body spray, and a cologne. Please.

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