#MySelfEsteemandI Wasted Opportunities

I read about Winnie Harlow today. I read about how she’s inspiring people. Really good of her.

The teenage superstar says she embraced her unique look because it’s ‘a skin condition, not a life changer’. She said, “I loved myself and with that, opportunities started to fall into my lap. And I thank God for all of them. Try loving yourself.”

How do you love yourself enough to have opportunities show up and you embrace them.

Opportunities have fallen into my lap and I’ve dusted them off.

My mum paid for lessons for me. She wanted me to make a living off it. I resisted it with everything within me but she assured me it will be fine.

I wasn’t fine.

People laughed when I missed a step. I smiled with them, but I cried when I got home and reminded myself of how the world saw me.


I went for French lessons too. “Learn an international language”, my dad said. I knew I wouldn’t last. I felt alone. I couldn’t make friends because I spent more time comparing their looks to mine. Talking in class always gave me shivers. The tutor always made sure I spoke in French. He wanted me to answer questions. I think he had it in for me.

It didn’t sound right in my ears. The other students got it so well. Their pronunciation was awesome. Mine was off. If there is a worse word for terrible, that would describe me in that class. I totally sucked; excuse my French.

I don’t want to do it was often my answer.

An ex wanted to buy me a bikini and take me swimming.

A bikini! I don’t think he realized what that meant. A bikini meant exposure. I couldn’t even imagine how I would look in a bikini – my tummy hanging out, thunder thighs and stretch marks. I am disgusted all over again at the thought.

I’d rather stay at home thank you.

My answer was a resolute no.

He thought I was being modest.

Little did he know.

But that’s behind now. I finally got to realize how beautiful I am. That bikini would have felt really important hanging out with me at the pool.

But little did it know!


3 thoughts on “#MySelfEsteemandI Wasted Opportunities

  1. lol… .that artist sef. i was like dat with dancing i always wanted to do choreography or cultural dances bk in sch bt i gave d tutors a good laugh. Nw i jst dance in church i mean i love the Lord and he doesnt think i’m too stiff or weird.


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