#LagosBeautyBlogger: Vision 2016-Seize the Bae

I was single for the most part of last year-don’t ask. But, this year, I am going full throttle. I am going to seize the bae! I mean new hair, new nails, new attitude.

These are beauty tips that will work for me and you this year.


There is no way you can seize any bee if you keep that frown. Turn that frown upside down,

New Hair

Try something new this season. Get glamed up, go for looks that will definitely turn heads-boys like to look, give them something to remember.

Manicure and pedicure

It is important during this season to exfoliate your hands and keep your nails and cuticles conditioned. There are a lot of fabulous nail polish colours out there and many fun designs.

Kiss ready lips

Make sure your lips looking alluring throughout this year. Use a sugar scrub on your lips.


Work on your foundation application this year. You don’t want your face being a different colour from your neck when you have to take a picture with a potential bae.

Luscious Lashes

Go for natural looking artificial lashes this season. Lashes are extremely sex on a girl-ask any guy.

Add a touch of glitter

Adding a touch of glitter to your daily look will take it from plain to amazing!


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