How to Say No to Aso-Ebi

A few weeks ago, my mum was cleaning out her closet- one of the four of them. All she kept bringing out were Aso ebi’s that she either never wore, or she wore them for the occasion and had no use for it again. She called that a total waste of money and warned me to avoid buying Aso Ebi’s.

As much as I love the uniform colours and the beautiful patterns, Aso Ebi’s bore holes into our wallets. With some going as far as a 100k (I mean! A 100k for a material that I might not wear again!), the trend is becoming widely acceptable.

I heard that one guy might be facing jail time because he borrowed to purchase a huge number of Aso Ebi’s thinking that people will buy at N50,000 (lol!). To his shock and detriment only a handful of people bought from him-his family members. He was left with a huge debt and the possibility of going to jail.

Here are the various reasons why you should say no to the Aso Ebi trend

  1. It is expensive

If you know that buying that Aso Ebi will affect your lifestyle for a number of weeks- do not buy it.

  1. You have something similar

A similar pattern, design, fabric-whatever. If you something like it- do not buy Aso Ebi.

  1. You will be absent

If you are not going to be at the occasion- do not purchase the Aso Ebi.

  1. They are not family

We are fond of buying Aso Ebi’s of people we don’t know- I still cannot comprehend why but it happens. If the person isn’t directly related to you- I don’t think you should buy.

  1. You are not invited

Why in the world will you buy the Aso Ebi for a party you are not invited to?

  1. The unimaginable

The only thing that will happen if you do not by Aso Ebi is that you won’t get a gift.

I love Aso Ebi’s, I think the concept is cool- I however do not think that the intent is to make people broke for a long period of time. If you can’t buy the Aso Ebi please take a gift along.

Image Source. Instagram and Yahoo Images



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