2016 Beauty Looks You Must Try

Instagram has showed us that if you cannot go big, it’s better you go home. I have hand picked the looks that will dominate the beauty world this year-some new trends might come up but these ones will stay for a while.

Cut Crease

The Cut Crease is a technique in which the crease is “cut” sharply with a contrasting eye shadow color to give it that really dramatic defined crease. There is usually always dramatic sharp liner to go with it, and the makeup is very angular.

Check out all the gorgeous cut creases by @makeupbyglamureyesz perfect for New Year's Eve @makeupbyglamureyesz

A post shared by Eye Kandy Cosmetics (@eyekandycosmetics) on

Nude Face

To achieve this look, use natural colors, minimal coverage and only a few traces of visible makeup.

Colored Eyeliner and Vampire Lips

After your foundation application, use colored eyeliner and apply a very dark vampire-ish lipstick.


Braids are always in vogue.


If you are going for sew-in, it should have a tousled blowout look pair this look with a really glossy rouge lip.

Smokey Eyes

The smoky eye look goes well with a swipe of navy liner on your bottom lids.

Sexy Look

For a sexy look go for a rose-stained lip, charcoal-rimmed eyes, and flushed cheeks.

Image Source. Instagram


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