#LagosBeautyBlogger: You Care Too Much

Do you always make changes to your looks because you want to or because someone told you to? Do you constantly change the way you act because it’s the best thing or because people told you to? Are you exhausted from too much workload because you couldn’t say the ones you have are already overwhelming.

If you fit into any of these, this article is for you.

  1. You are a people pleaser.

A people pleaser cannot be trustworthy. A people pleaser pays too much attention to what others think and feel. So, they go back and forth trying to please everyone, but, in their bid to please they leave broken hearts and broken relationships along the way.

Tip: As difficult as it might be for you, I strongly suggest that you put away feelings and concentrate on what is healthy and good for you. Try to meet everyone in the middle, but don’t compromise while trying to do so.

  1. You don’t know how to voice your opinion.

The thing about a person that cares too much is that they have their own values and standards, very set in their minds if I might add. They just cannot say it out because of the possibility that it would hurt another person. You are the one that is always the last to voice your opinion-that’s because you want to sample everyone’s opinion just so you can be on the safe side.

Tip: Your opinion is very important to the people around you. Even if it is contrary to what everyone is saying, you should voice it out. It might just be what people need to hear.

  1. You tell lies-to help your friend

Are you the one everyone runs to when they need a wing man-the one that will validate their story? They come to you because you are the ‘sure guy’ and of course you smile and proudly accept to tell the lie.

Tip: Don’t lie to help anyone out. It will always come back to you, plus you might be aiding and abetting a criminal-lol!

  1. You make changes to your look because of other people

I think this is a big problem. If you find that you always have to change your outfit because some people tell you ‘it’s not good enough’ or you buy new clothes because people tell you ‘it’s not in vogue’ there’s a big problem.  The really amazing thing is going as far as having surgery done because of what people say. There is nothing wrong in keeping up with fashion trends and asking for your friends option but when you find that you cannot take any step without the ‘advise’ of people. You care too much.

Tip: Change your look because you want to-not because you were told to.

  1. You can’t say no

You can’t say no to extra tasks and chores. You take on extra work load because you cannot stand to see your friend overwhelmed with too much work. You tag along to places you dread because your friend doesn’t want to be alone-honey, you care too much.

Tip: Saying no helps you and the person. It takes workload off from your shoulders and it helps the person accept responsibility.

I do hope this article has been of help to you. I write these things because I was once there. I couldn’t hold my own and I didn’t trust my own opinion until someone validated me. I hope you take these tips and put it into practice.



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