#MySelfEsteemAndI Little Known Ways to feel beautiful

As it is written in the logo, beauty is more than skin deep for me. It is more than smacking cosmetics on the face and looking good, it is also about the way we see ourselves. The way you portray yourself to others it the way they will view and treat you. If you portray yourself as someone to be used-people will use you.

There was a time I was very afraid to speak out, I was afraid to launch out on my own because I thought who would want me, what do I have to offer? But, now my self-confidence has shot through the roof, like I take pictures like no man’s business which I wouldn’t have done normally because I always thought that I wasn’t pretty enough.

These are the ways in which I got my self-confidence to jump through the roof.

I ANALYZED MYSELF. Yes, you have to analyze yourself-and I don’t mean your physical looks. Analyze what you do-THE WORK OF YOUR HANDS. I quit writing poetry long ago because I assumed I wasn’t good enough. Biggest mistake of my life! I was reading some of my works yesterday and I almost slapped myself for ever thinking that I was less than perfect!

LOOK AT THE GOOD STUFF. Many a times you are so bothered about your flaws that you forget your good parts. Look at the good stuff. Look at it until it sinks into your head that YOU ARE AS BEAUTIFUL AS YOU TELL YOURSELF.

Shut that VOICE UP. You know the one I am talking about-the one that reminds you of how fat your legs are, how many spots you have on your face. Shut that voice up and praise yourself. You are a wonderful work of art. Tell that to yourself every single day.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Go to the spa, get expensive massages-take absolute care of yourself because nobody will. People can try but at the end of the day if you don’t know how to relax and have fun, no surprise will be too good for you.

STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO PEOPLE. You are not a model. You might never even be a size six but that doesn’t mean you should starve yourself or feel bad. Exercise is good-I recommend it, but don’t overwork yourself and don’t turn to a toothpick because you want to look a certain size.

KINDNESS. I think another way to feel beautiful is to be kind. You know people feel that kindness takes something away from them-but it doesn’t. There’s something about helping people around-it doesn’t have to be monetary it could mean a kind word. For the longest times I always paid people compliments in my mind, now I say it out.

STAY AWAY FROM NEGATIVE PEOPLE. If there’s anyone around that always has something negative to say about you-leave that person. Even the bible says HOW TWO CAN WALK TOGETHER IF THEY ARE NOT IN AGREEMENT. Separate yourself from that person today.

TREAT YOURSELF TO A PHOTO SHOOT. You don’t have to be a model to have a photo shoot.


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